Ecobuild Foods


Our farms and in-house processing, cold room and distribution facilities around the region ensure unbroken cold chain management that delivers our promise on freshness and quality.


About Us

Ecobuild Foods Pte Ltd. is an integrated farm-to-shelf supply chain company that focuses on food safety, freshness, quality and service efficiencies. We supply a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables products, both fresh packed and processed, to major supermarket chains, HORECA, and other food services sectors in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia market. In the recent years, due to increasing demand for healthier choice food and food ingredient products, our company had developed our own brands of brown rice and other healthy food ingredient products.

Our Brands

Market Partners

Expansion Plan 2020

Global food supply

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic situation, the food supply chain system across the world is devastated as more than 60% of the  world population is placed under lock-down restrictions. Singapore, as an island country with severe land scarcity and limited local food supply capacities, will be badly affected by the global food supply chain disruptions.

Government announced

Recently, our government announced the 30:30 vision of achieving 30% of total local food supplies for the nation’s overall food consumption needs by 2030. There are various governmental supportive measures such as grants, agriculture funding and corporate finance schemes to support local farming of vegetables, Egg and fish.

Expand into local farming

Leveraged on our matured distribution networks with the major supermarket and mini-mart chains across the country. Our company is poised to expand into local farming to tap the unprecedented business opportunities.